Hi, I am Kaleigh Fisk

I am a friendly, genuine, playful wedding, couple and family photographer and have been shooting weddings for 4 years! I gradually got into photography in high school and then in university took a few courses on photography, editing and business marketing - I loved it but switched tracks to become an MRI technologist.

However I was still extremely passionate about photography and made my little hobby into a side business. I love creating things and meeting new people and this little side biz of mine has been the ultimate blessing for me.

A few interesting facts - I am 23 years old and grew up in Calgary, Alberta. I played varsity volleyball for 5 years. I am 1 of 7 in my family. I Absolutely adore kids and want about 6 of my own. My favorite food is anything that starts with ca- and ends with -ndy (yes, I know, thats not really food). and I am always always always trying to learn something new.

I have more of a candid, relaxed, playful style to my photography and love the simple, crisp, clean and bright warm images. Throw in some motion here and there and a bunch of laughs and giggles and thats pretty much the just of it!

Nice to meet ya!

Cant wait to start emailing!

“She is very pleasant, easy going and fun! Photos turned out amazing!”

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